FreeNAS project

In my previous post, I explained the benefits of ZFS.

I will the next weeks explain about my new project a home ZFS server. It will probably be based on FreeNAS, but I might switch to ZFSGuru.

The Hardware:

Asus E35M1-l Deluxe, a nice low power, economic AMD motherboard with 6 SATA ports and unofficial support for 16 Gb.

16 Gb Kingston Value RAM (2 x 8) tested and it is working

3 x 2 Tb Seagate 7200.14

1 SSD 60 Gb OCZ Vertex (leftover and nice for L2ARC)

Antec One Case

Antec VP350P PSU enough to provide all the hardware of sufficient power.

Currently, I am waiting for the case. It was not in stock and will arrive 2nd week of Januari 2013.

So to be continued…

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