ZFS part 2

ZFS part 2:

As mentioned in my previous post, I tested FreeNAS 8 under virtualbox. FreeNAS 8 is based on a minimal version of BSD with ZFS (or UFS if your resources are not powerful enough) as a filesystem. Configuration is done with a simple web interface.
It runs very stable, but you have to make sure to meet  the hardware requirements of ZFS.
As a rule of thumb you need for each TB storage 2 GB RAM. With deduplication (later more about this)  it becomes even more. For a 6 TB storage, it is useful to have at least 8 GB RAM, 12 and 16 are even better. Lately I see even posts of 20 GB RAM being necesarry.

Why would I put so much effort for a home NAS? There are easier solutions from Synology, for example? Which has gadgets like an itunes server, bittorrent client, etc?

First, gadgets that do not belong in a server. and if you really want: in FreeNAS, they are put into a jail as a plugin.
Secondly, like I have told in a previous post: our hard drives are getting bigger: 2,3,4 TB and 5TB has been announced for 2013. Here platters of 1 TB used. This means that there is so much capacity on a hard disk and data is put very close together. There is a chance that when data is going to be corrupt, you’re not going to know it  until it is too late and all your data from your disk is being lost. With ZFS you will notice this on time, before data is lost…

YOU MUST BACKUP THEN, KELLY! That’s true, are we doing this all the time at home? Of course, if you had to write a thesis of your studies you would have 50 USB drives and clouds to backup. But are you doing the same with your purchased videos, your home-made videos of your baby? Let just say that you have forgotten . And those extra usb drives you have just ordered,.came one day late. Years later, you still will  regret it.

ZFS has very good RAID capabilities that go beyond RAID0/1/5/6.
You can combine speed with stability. In short, very interesting possibilities for the serious home user, small office user or system/network operator.

Coming soon: RAIDZ

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